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A Will is a document that states how you would like your assets to be distributed when you die, and the person or organisation you would like to be responsible for carrying out your wishes (known as an Executor/Executrix).

If the deceased had prepared and executed a valid Will, then the Estate will be passed on to the nominated beneficiaries according to the deceased's wishes, sometimes by way of Probate.

When a person dies without a will, it is referred to as dying ‘intestate’. If a person dies intestate, then Letters of Administration will need to be applied for, in order to be able to administer and distribute the Estate of the deceased.

Wills Pogson Cronin

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Powers Of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is as important as making a Will. Appointing an Attorney gives them the legal authority to look after your legal and financial affairs such as bank accounts, real estate, money and shares on your behalf. It does not allow your Attorney to make personal, including medical decisions.

Enduring Guardians

An Enduring Guardian can make decisions for you in areas such as accommodation, health and services if you lose the capacity to make your own decisions at some time in the future. Your Enduring Guardian takes effect only if you lose the capacity to make your own major personal decisions.

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